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I think of you.   
05:22pm 08/09/2003
mood: contemplative
The other night I thought of you all again. That's right. The ones I don't know. I thought of all of you. I thought of how you all are watching us. Watching over us maybe? I thought of how you watch everything we go through. Mana-chan, Yu~ki-chan, even Gakkun and everyone else. You've watched our story from the beginning. You've watched us.

Watch over us...?

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09:23pm 09/08/2003
mood: calm
I hate being alone. Did i ever tell you that? Hah.
I'm talkin to "You." Who are "you"? I guess i will never know, unless your voice reaches me.
I hate being alone. Today, i was alone. I hated it. I didn't hear from anyone. The silence was deafening. I wanted to scream.

But of course, i didn't. I felt silence press in on me from all sides. So, i decided to go out. I brought a sketch pad and a few pencils. I hid my face behind sunglasses, and i sat at a little cafe not far from my house.

I watched people. I listened to them. I did not hear their conversations... I don't do that. I heard their voices, not their words. I am not like that!

I drew people. I drew their faces. I drew what i saw. It was very... interesting.
Funny what you can see in humans in the first look.

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09:07pm 09/08/2003
  ((i'm REALLY sorry i've been away... my cousins have been in town. >.o;; okay. so. yeah.))  
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A note from Lala   
07:26am 03/08/2003
mood: >O
Dear Kozi,

Do your own fucking site work, please. I'm sick of typing up endless HTML while you make gundam noises in the other room. Zaku and I work our paws to the bone (have you any CLUE how hard it is to type with PAWS??), and for what? A few meesly cat treats? Dude, fuck that. You're gonna have to start paying us in kitty toys (read: souls of the undead, catnip, little mouseys with bells on them), or we're done.

Godzilla is on our side. Meet our demands or deal with the wrath of his mighty slamming-into-stuff action. We have the controller. If you value your ankles, you will see to it that we have what is rightfully ours.

Good day sir.

n-.-n Zaku, Lala and Godzilla
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